Welcome to Konayachi.com - this website is a place where I showcase my portfolio gallery, host projects, put commissions info and more.
Designed, built and maintained by yours truly with little helps here and there.
If you see broken and/ or buggy stuff, kindly let me know, thank you in advance!


Email for inquiries: mail@konayachi.com
I appreciate a descriptive, clear and straightforward message. I'll get back to you as soon as I can.

Currently I'm open for commissions/freelance works.


Hello! Konayachi here (´。• ᵕ •。`) ♡ I'm a self-taught digital artist.
I love dogs, clouds and drawing cute stuff ✿
I tried digital art in 2008 for fun, and then started to do it daily since 2018 ~ present.
I also like to play with website designing and Visual Novels (RenPy), currently working on Illa Café (since 2019)!

Konayachi is my pseudonym, it comes from:
  • neko (cat in japanese)
  • Ayame (wolf in InuYasha)
  • -chi (Ojamajo Doremi's tagline: "Pretty Witchy Doremi-chi!")

Previously also known as Konapple.me / @nekonapple until 2021.

I'm mostly making cute, anime/manga art! You'll see lots of:
  • my characters
  • original ideas dump
  • cute doodles: fluffy and soft creatures
  • clouds ☁️ and lots of experiments!
You can read my art tools, brush info and more here.