This page shows the themed calendars I've been making!

2023 - Journey

There is a traveller whose hobby is collecting extraordinary imageries found in various places in the vast world. A small friend joined him in his endeavour.
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2022 - Starry Honey Carrot Cake

It is a more specific theme for this year. Still with Illa Café caretakers, it is a sequential, continuous illustration of what happens in the Café. Flip on more pages to know what will happen next!
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2021 - From Day to Day

I started working on Illa Café's concept! Four caretakers of the Café are: Chika, Sumi, Ellie and Lulu with the Café pet Kitty the dog. The theme is about their daily activities in the Café and things they do together.
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2020 - Pastel Cotton and Mist

2020 is year of the rat! I made two rat mascots: Cotton and Mist and drew pastel-coloured illustration of them as the theme of 2020 wall calendar.
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