characters board (WIP)

Original Characters made by Konayachi!
You can see lovely artists who make fanart of my characters here!


Loose characters that don't belong on certain universe. I draw them leisurely.

  • Kitty
    birthday: 08.08
    type: male (?) beige cocker spaniel puppy
  • Lena (was Zoe/ Zozo)
    birthday: 09.03
    type: O
  • Yuna (was Dawn/ Snow)
    birthday: 12.12
    type: A
  • Yumi (was Cara)
    birthday: 09.09
    type: A
  • Pippa
    birthday: 05.05
    type: B

Illa Café

A fictional universe I'm currently building. I'm planning it to be made in visual novel medium.
The characters listed below are (planned to be) Illa Café-exclusive characters.

  • Chika (little flowers)
    birthday: 04.04
    type: O
  • Sumi (Sumichy)
    birthday: 06.06
    type: A
  • Ellie (Annelie)
    birthday: 10.10
    type: AB
  • Lulu (???)
    birthday: 02.02
    type: B
  • Julien (Juju)
    birthday: 01.01
    type: O
  • Cotton
    birthday: 11.11
    type: O
  • Mist
    birthday: 11.11
    type: O

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