Making art has been my life-purpose, and you liking what I make is amazing and I'm grateful for that.
Besides that, I'd love to contribute by sharing art resources; including information for brush settings, tools, softwares and others. I'm not confident in tutorials and teachings for now as I don't have art education myself, but if I have anything I can put in articles, I'll put them up on my resources page. :)
You can of course, support me further with ways in this page below if you want to get more of what I'm making. Any support that you give will be helping me with food and bills, thus enabling my mind to worry less about surviving and spend more time making more art.

Besides options below, you can always commission me or buy stuff on my shops.

I'll still make art regardless for as long as I'm able to, so you appreciating what I make is already a great support!

tip jars

Buy me a coffee?

If you have extra coines to spare, you can tip me a coffee.
Feel free to write one (1) of your favourite animal/ creature on the message when you tip and I'll doodle one for you.
Thank you in advance! :3

Also available in Liberapay.

daily art posts at Sponsus

If you are interested in seeing my:
  • art sketches + doodles,
  • studies, including mistakes I made, thoughts and processes,
  • wip + full, finished illustration,
  • timelapses,
  • behind the scenes,
  • personal thoughts, discussions and more!
  • basically my art journey, growth and things I progress

Then, let me introduce you to my Sponsus page!
I share daily art posts on Sponsus. For $5 a month, you'll get access to all things above.
Finished illustration and several video processes will be shared publicly with delays, supporting me gives you access to these contents in real time as I make them.

How it works:

  • Your first month of subscription will give you access of the daily art posts of that month AND the month before.
  • On your next month of subscription, it will give you access of the daily art posts of the new month + an extra month to the past.
  • Consecutive subscriptions will accumulate to your "number of months" of subscription to the active subscription month as the base. If your subscriptions are not in consecutive months, you may lose past access even when you were subscribed on those months.
  • FYI: My oldest Sponsus post is on August 2020.

Example 01:

  • If you start subscribing on January, you'll instantly get access to all of the posts on January AND December.
  • If you continue your subscription to February, you'll get access to posts on: February, January, December AND November.
  • And so on.

Example 02:

  • If you start subscribing on January, you'll instantly get access to all of the posts on January AND December.
  • You decided not to continue the subscription on February, so you no longer have access on the post onwards.
  • Then in June you are re-subscribing - which means you'll have 2 months of subscriptions in total. With this, you'll get access to posts on: June, May, April, March.
  • However, you lose access to posts on January and December. You also will not have access to February posts, unless you continue the subscription on July.

There's no commitment in supporting - feel free to start, cancel or continue anytime as you wish.

  • Instead of subscribing to certain tiers, you can choose to donate one-off and that will grant you an access to that particular month's daily art posts. It is the best to do this at the beginning of the month to get the most out of it.
  • Sponsus only accepts card payment; so if you're looking for Paypal alternatives to get access on daily art posts, you can send me tips of equivalent amount and I'll grant you Sponsus access of that month OR give you the PDF Art Booklet of the month of your payment with the content of everything I post on that month on Sponsus.
  • If you are looking for certain past content(s) without having to subscribe, check my Art Packs.
  • If monetary support is not your thing, you can always check my Twitter as I always share daily art peeks (small previews) of what I share on Sponsus there.

thank you!

Thanks to your kind supports, I am able to improve my working tools and dedicate more time in art.
This list records how I allocate all of the monetary tips and donations.


  • Resources page! (2022)
  • Daily art posts on Sponsus (2018 - present)
  • Art livestreams on Twitch (2020 - present)
  • Personal groceries and bills