Konayachi / Digital artist + VN making

I love to make cute art and stories; mainly manifested in comics and visual novels.
I also enjoy: watching anime/k-drama, reading webtoon/manga/vn (mostly linear), playing CROB/Stardew Valley, and petting neighbours' pets.

At the moment, I'm working on personal projects and commissions.
Activities: drawing, writing, coding (this website & Ren'Py projects)

Working tools:

  • current: XP-Pen, Krita (Linux Mint Xfce)
  • past: Wacom, CSP, Photoshop CS3 (Windows 7)


Konayachi.com is a place where I showcase my portfolio gallery, host projects, put commissions info and more.
It is designed, built and maintained by yours truly with little help here and there.
If you see broken and/or buggy stuff, kindly let me know, thank you in advance!

art usage

This section covers information regarding usage of my creations (illustration, comics, etc.) online.

By default, all my creations are licensed with Creative Commons - Attribution-NonCommercial-NoDerivatives 4.0 International (CC BY-NC-ND 4.0), which means:

  1. Share - You are free to copy and redistribute the material, as long as you fulfill the requirements on point number 2, 3 and 4.
  2. Attribution - There has to be a visible and clear credit to me, in the form of my account username (Konayachi) or my website (Konayachi.com) - whichever makes most sense, at a glance.
  3. Non-Commercial - You must not use the material for commercial purpose. However, you are free to contact me for licensing fees. Without such licence, I don't allow any commercial use of my art.
  4. NoDerivatives - You must not distribute my art if you modify, transform or build upon, without authorization.

Commission work can only be used by the commissioners themselves. I kindly ask you not to repost and/or use them unless you ask for their permissions and they explicitly say it's fine to do so.


I love to see fanwork (fanart, fanfiction, doujin, etc.) of my characters!
All I ask is that if you post it on your pages, you also include the fanwork information attached on the fanwork itself, including the characters' name and the title where they belong.
(So more people get to know about how precious they are!)

If you make them, please let me know: either tag me on platforms I'm on (@Konayachi) or send me an email about it, I would love to see your beautiful work!!
I also collect them on my fanwork page.

If you'd like to sell the fanwork in forms of merchs or any derivative work of my characters and/or any of my creations in general with the purpose of gaining profits, please contact me first for discussions of royalties and guidelines.

Please do not repost fanwork to other sites unless you ask for the creators' permissions and they explicitly say it's fine to do so.