e-mail: mail [at] ([at]🡢@)
※ You can also use Twitter or Discord DM (@konayachi)

For commissions/work inquiries, it would be helpful to include the following information:

  • purpose of the work (presents, content graphics, game devs, etc.)
  • characters ideations (essays, references, sketches, etc., stickhumans and collage of items are also welcomed)
  • budget & deadline (if any)

I'm always open to make almost any kind of character art given that it's within my art style which I can do confidently and comfortably.
I'm also open to participate in VN game jams as an artist!

work availability

Accepting work: from June 2024

jan 2024 feb 2024 mar 2024 apr 2024 may 2024 jun 2024
full full full full full open

Waitlist is available if you'd like to work together in the future! ^^