If you want to support me and my artworks, this page has the information for the ways on how you can support me.
I'll still make art regardless for as long as I'm able to, so you appreciating what I make is already a great support!

daily art posts

Konayachi makes daily art posts

It is like an art blog, but I commit to post daily. Also, many contents are exclusive and won't go public.

If you are interested in seeing my:
  • development notes of my personal projects (currently: Illa Café),
  • art sketches + doodles, including the archived ones,
  • studies, including mistakes I made, thoughts and processes,
  • wip + full, finished illustration,
  • timelapse videos,
  • basically my art journey, growth and things I progress

Then perhaps I can interest you in my Sponsus page.
For $5 a month, you will be able to get daily art posts feed. If you decide to start subscription, I'm very grateful!

Days since daily art posts started: 1576 days and counting!

p.s. Daily art posts started in 01 August 2018. Sponsus posts are from August 2020 and older posts are archived in Art Packs.

There's no commitment in supporting - feel free to start, cancel or continue anytime as you wish.
Your generosity helps me to worry less about surviving and enable me more to making art.


If you have extra coines to spare, I have these small tip jars!
Feel free to write one (1) of your favourite animal/creature on the message when you tip and I'll doodle one for you. Note that I have to be able to identify your tip to match your doodle request to be able to do it.

Thank you in advance! :3

spread the words

If monetary supports are not possible, that's okay too and don't worry about that!
You can support me freely by following my social network sites accounts (link here).
Every like and/or retweets/reblogs/shares means a lot to me, as you've helped me to reach more audiences.
Reposts are OK but you have to strictly follow my art usage licence.

If you're not on any social network sites, it is okay! I hope my creations make you happy. :D
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thank you!

Thanks to your kind supports, I am able to improve my working tools and dedicate more time in art.
This list records how I allocate all of the monetary tips and donations.