Terms of Service

Revision: 1.33 | Updated: 16 February 2024
latest update: grammar fix

A. General

  1. By purchasing, you get the digital file(s) of the commission. There is no physical item(s) to be delivered.
  2. Credits are very appreciated but not necessary. You can put the art credit as "by Konayachi" (preferably with an active link to https://konayachi.com) or to tag me on platforms I'm on with "@Konayachi" (the username I'm using across sites).
  3. There will be a small, barely opaque signature + year in the art piece, usually in this form: "Konayachi.com (2024)". Rest assured that this will not obstruct the illustration in any way.
    This doesn't apply to graphical assets.

B. Ordering Steps

  1. First, read this Terms of Service page completely.
    By ordering, you acknowledge that you have read and agreed with my Terms of Service.
  2. By default, I'm available to work on commissions that are listed on the commissions page.
    If you would like to have something different, feel free to contact me for discussions.
  3. As per my availability, I'm very open to draw almost anything.
    I will refuse the commissions if I believe my skills are not well enough for them.
  4. In summary, the process of commissioning me is:
    • Message me with the details.
    • We'll ping-pong discussions and quick sketches.
      We will continue forward only when we're both happy with the sketches.
    • I will send you the invoice only when I'm 100% ready to work on your commissions right away.
    • After payment is received, I will work on the commissions.
      Feel free to request for work progress to me during this process.
      (Sometimes I'll just send progress to you myself, especially when I need feedback.)
    • Once finished and confirmed, I'll deliver the result to you through e-mail or shared cloud directory.
      If needed, I'm open to 3 minor revisions for free. There will be fees for bigger revisions.
      (which hopefully won't happen - as we would have gone through sketches approval prior to payment).
    • You will receive the file, and the work is finished. Thank you for ordering!
  5. General turnaround time is 3 days to 4 weeks*) for one commission after payment is made, depending on the complexity.
    As quantity increases, turnaround time will also increase.
    *) Reasonably tight deadlines may be possible for a fee, please inquire with me so I can do my best to fulfill it.

C. Payments and Refunds

  1. I will issue Paypal or Stripe invoice to your provided e-mail. Just let me know your preferred method.
  2. Due to the nature of the commission as custom orders, I cannot issue a refund as I start the work immediately after I receive payment.
  3. In any case of me having issues to finish the commissions which has been paid, a refund will be issued.
    As my general turnaround time is between 3 days to 4 weeks, I expect to finish the commissions within the timeframe.
    » no work is done » full refund
    » lineart is done » 50% refund

D. Rights and Licensing

  1. By default, the artist (Konayachi) is the owner of the rights for the commissions.
    I may put the commission work in this website (portfolio page).
    I will always write your provided name/ @username attached on the work. Let me know if you want to be addressed as anonymous in this matter.
  2. All commissions are purposed for personal use only.
    Personal use includes: PC wallpaper, phone wallpaper, self-print for your own belongings or any use with no profit made.
  3. I also offer upgrades which will allow you to use the commissions more widely:
    • Commercial Use A (your commissions will be used as part of your commercial online activities) = final price x 2
    • Commercial Use B (you can make unlimited profit from the commissions, reprint it as many as you want, etc.) = final price x 10
    • Exclusivity (your commissions will not appear on my website and SNS for n years) = final price + (final price x (2 x n years)/10)
    • Copyright (ownership transfer) = final price x 20
    If you are confused, reach me out and I'll help you figuring things out!
  4. Commercial Use A upgrade allows you to use the commission work as part of your commercial online activities.
    Allowed uses include, but not limited to streaming as commercial work (models, branding and related matter) and commercial games (the assets must be part of the game and they must not be exportable).
  5. Commercial Use B upgrade provides you perpetual, irrevocable rights over the use of the work. However, it is not ownership transfer.
    This licence is suitable for mass printing production. Commercial Use includes: merchandises production (t-shirt, stickers, etc.), business logo, commercial posters, anything which will generate profit for you.
    Purchasing Commercial Use B grants you the right from Commercial Use A as well.
  6. Exclusivity upgrade has expiry date based on how many years you purchased it for.
    Exclusivity will keep your commissions private for certain number of years (n) which will fully depend on how many years do you wish to purchase the upgrade.
  7. These licences are negotiable.
    You can contact me if you'd like to discuss further.