Status: OPEN

Welcome! You will find rates and info of my commissions in this page.

general info

I am very happy to draw:

  • your original characters
  • fanarts of known IPs *)
  • cute pets
  • characters with some animal features (ears, tails, wings, paws)
  • sky and clouds
*) I cannot sell commercial use for characters that you don't own, unless there is an explicit agreement.

I draw freestyle without the restriction of geometry graphics. Every line is organically drawn by hand.
My strength is cute and family-friendly illustration. Every day I learn to improve my skills and to learn new styles.
Many times I tune down details. If needed, I'll do my best to put as many details as needed, given that it is within my skills.

In general, I'm very open to draw almost anything.
I will refuse the commissions if I believe my skills are not well enough for them.

By commissioning me, hopefully you can enjoy my artistic interpretation of your chosen subjects.

»» Read here for information on how to order and the Terms of Service overall.

types and prices

In general, each commission type can be done in these styles: Price breakdown:
  • Full-colour = price * 1
  • Half-tone = price * 0.75 (25% discount)
  • Lineart = price * 0.65 (35% discount)

pet doodle - 15€

  • Price is for 1 pet, solid colour/ grid/ transparent background.
  • Extra pets on the same canvas = +8€ per 1 pet.
  • Extra objects/toys = free for 1 toy, +5€ on 2nd toy onwards.

cute chibi - 35€

  • Price is for 1 chibi + 1 mini pet, solid colour/ grid/ transparent background.
  • Extra chibi on the same canvas = +20€ per 1 chibi.
  • Extra objects = +10€ per 1 object.

character illustration - 60€

  • Price is for 1 character + 1 mini pet, solid colour/ grid/ transparent background.
  • Extra character on the same canvas = +40€ per 1 character.
  • Extra objects = +10€ per 1 object.

seamless pattern - price varies

  • Interactive friends - 100€
    Several characters interacting with each other, spread all over the canvas.
    The number of max. characters are not limited - it depends on the overall aesthetics.
  • Floating friends - 60€
    Up to 5 characters floating all over the canvas.
  • 1-to-many stamps - 30€
    1 shape, duplicated with unlimited colours & patterns all over the canvas.