general info

I mainly draw:

  • your persona or OCs
  • fanarts of known IPs *)
  • human characters with animal features (ears, tails, wings, paws)
  • cute pets (non-realistic animals)
*) I cannot sell commercial use for characters that you don't own, unless there is an explicit agreement.

In general, I'm very open to draw almost anything.
I will refuse the commissions if I believe my skills are not well enough for them.

By commissioning me, hopefully you can enjoy my artistic interpretation of your chosen subjects.

»» Read here for information on how to order and the Terms of Service overall.

types and prices

Prices listed below are in EUR for one character.


  • Hai Umbrella
  • Maid Halftone
B/W / halftone:
  • head = 25€
  • chibi/half-body = 35€
  • full-body = 45€
  • Pippa Tulips Spring
  • Lena Cherry
  • Pocky Day
  • Happy Chika Day
  • head = 30€
  • chibi/half-body = 45€
  • full-body = 60€


  • transparent/solid colour background = free
  • extra expressions = +5€
  • extra item (that's not held by the character; or a stand-alone big pet, etc.) = +10€


Background art is experimental as I'm learning!
Currently semi-open. (I'll be sure to let you know what I can/cannot do!)

seamless pattern

  • Interactive friends - 100€
    Several characters interacting with each other, spread all over the canvas.
    The number of max. characters are not limited - it depends on the overall aesthetics.
  • Floating friends - 60€
    Up to 5 characters floating all over the canvas.
  • 1-to-many stamps - 30€
    1 shape, duplicated with unlimited colours & patterns all over the canvas.


If you're interested in very quick doodles like this, they're available for minimum 5€ tip on ko-fi!
Put a quick description of your request in the message box. I'll simplify any details and do them in a fun way.