general info

Thank you for considering to work with me!
I'm happy to draw for you. ^~^

I mainly draw:

  • your persona, avatar, OCs!
  • fanarts of known IPs *)
  • human characters with animal features (ears, tails, wings, paws)
  • cute pets (they will be super fluffy and non-realistic)
*) I cannot sell commercial use for characters that you don't own, unless there is an explicit agreement.

In general, I'm very open to draw almost anything with my art style.
(You can see in the gallery or clients' work page for what to expect.)
Note that I will refuse the commissions if I believe my skills are not well enough for them.

By commissioning me, hopefully you can enjoy my artistic interpretation of your chosen subjects.

» Read here for information on how to order and the Terms of Service overall.
» Feel free to ask if you have any questions or doubts!

types and prices

Prices listed below are for one character! It's listed in Euro.
Prices listed as base; it may go slightly higher depending on the work itself.

By default, all commissions include:

  • transparent / flat colour background
    (illustration will have patterns or more objects in the background, though the character(s) is still the main focus)
  • hi-res .PNG file 300dpi
  • low-res .PNG file, watermarked

The followings can be added to the commissions:

  • alternative facial expressions +5€ each
  • alternative poses (small arm or head-tilt differences) +20€ each
  • small animals +20€ each
I can add small objects like simple hearts, stars, flowers, or sparkles for free!

Prices will be slightly lower if you'd only like to have b/w or halftone!


type price
smol 20€
normal 40€


type price
head 30€
bust 40€

sprite (character)

type price
half-body 40€
full-body 60€

quick illustration

type price
half-body 80€
full-body 100€


type price
half-body 100€
full-body (experimental) 130€