Personal work notes, resources, tutorials and stuff!

Krita bundles

I put brushes that I use the most into this Krita bundle, please use them if you'd like!

Krita brushes notes

Some notes I made myself to remember how to recreate them in the future:

other Krita bundles that I like

I also use the following additional (external) resources, made by great artists:

  • Rakurri's gradient maps and brush pack (I use the "Aurora" brush to paint winter lights and "Frosted" smudge tool to add random grain texture by brushing around)
  • Digital Atelier - thanks to Ramon Miranda for confirming with me its compatibility with Krita 5 (I use the DA Pastel 13 Blender Soft and DA WaterC 11 Blender edges to create textures)
  • FizzyFlower's ESSENTIAL Brush Collection Version 2 (I use the cloud brushes with some opacity and flow modification)

CSP brushes list

I no longer use CSP since I migrated to Linux in 2021. The version that I used was CSP EX v1.
The following is the brushes that I use a lot:

random notes

Some workflow notes and/or other things that have helped me in working!
Sometimes they're software specific.

keyboard shortcuts (drawing)

I draw on my laptop, and so I designed myself these keyboard shortcuts for left-hand usage.
These shortcuts are adapted from Krita and CSP, currently I implement all of these on Krita.

  • A - brush tool
  • S - move tool
  • D - select/ lasso tool
  • F - filler/ bucket tool
  • G - alpha-lock tool
  • Z - foreground/ transparent colour switcher (instead of erase tool)
  • X - canvas flip tool
  • C - crop tool
  • V - ruler tool
  • < - replacement of the default delete key (in portuguese keyboard, this key is on the left side of Z key)
  • Ctrl + A - select all
  • Ctrl + D - deselect (CSP native)
  • Ctrl + 1 - document info
  • Ctrl + Q - reset canvas rotation
  • Ctrl + W - merge group/ merge layer to the layer below
  • Ctrl + R - create transparency mask
  • Ctrl + Shift + A - change colour of entire canvas (CSP native, for Krita, alpha-lock must be activated or else the entire canvas will be filled with the colour)
  • Ctrl + Shift + C - duplicate a layer (a quick Ctrl + C and Ctrl + D )
  • Ctrl + Shift + W - flatten/ rasterize a vector layer


  • Krita - to draw: illustration, graphics, comics, etc.
  • GIMP - to quickly crop images or any small modifications
  • Inkscape - to make texts if I need them to "follow paths" (because I don't like Krita's text tool)
  • Scribus - to make PDFs
  • OBS - to record timelapse videos and do livestream
  • Kdenlive - to edit and reencode videos
  • RenPy - to develop VNs
  • VS Code - to program my website and VNs
  • Joplin - to dump notes, checklists and everything else
  • Minder - to mind-map ideas
  • XPad - desktop sticky notes (I don't use it a lot anymore)
  • Libre Office - general word processor, spreadsheet and more